Request for Proposals for Legal Services

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Questions on the RFP were due by February 23, 2021.

Proposal deadline is 2 p.m. on March 4, 2021.



FAQs for Legal Services RFP


Question 1: Insurance

Generally, attorneys carry professional liability coverage, often referred to as malpractice insurance, which protects the attorneys in their practice against any errors and omissions. We believe the E&O coverage requirement referenced in Section A.7 may simply be a distinction in industry terms, but please clarify if GCPLD requires a type of E&O coverage in addition to professional liability coverage. Related to this, is the $5 million policy limit a fixed requirement for a winning bid, or are there specific concerns with professional liability coverage that we can address in our proposal?

Answer: GCPLD will not require a type of E&O insurance in addition to professional liability coverage. The $5M policy limit is a requirement.  


Question 2: Financial Report

For the 2019 financial report requested in Addendum C, Section A.2, what specific information would GCPLD like to know/understand about the firm? We do not regularly prepare financial reports as part of our business operations and would appreciate any guidance on the specific information that GCPLD would like to review in evaluating a firm’s financial health.

Answer: Financial statements to include a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and cash flow statement(if available). Audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements would be appreciated. 


Question 3: Intellectual Property

In Section II.1.c., GCPLD identified intellectual-property issues as an area requiring legal assistance. Our firm is capable of providing such services, and we would like to know if GCPLD has any specific intellectual-property issues in mind.

Answer: Intellectual property of Garfield County Libraries is likely to include documents such as codified best practices, training materials, promotional materials, the library logo and other brand-related items, and presentations at state and national conferences. 


Question 4: Project Lists

Has GCPLD identified priority projects requiring legal assistance for the next year? Please share any examples. If not, does GCPLD have a list of projects requiring legal assistance or does GCPLD prefer to develop that list with its new counsel?

Answer: Current projects that might require counsel are a classification and compensation study that could require counsel around personnel issues, an office buildout/tenant improvement project that could require counsel around local building codes, and possible new contracts with vendors of services such as telephone and inventory control equipment that could require legal review of service contracts. 


Question 5: Previous Legal Counsel

It appears GCPLD has not had separate legal counsel in some time. Is that the case? If so, what led GCPLD to the decision to seek legal counsel (besides the policy that GCPLD may seek competitive bidding every three years)?

Answer: Up until now, GCPLD has sought legal counsel as needed. GCPLD has worked with more than one firm in recent years. We have worked with a local firm for general counsel and have worked with other firms or associations when seeking personnel advice or advice on placing ourselves on the ballot. The Board of Trustees now desires to have a general counsel firm available to us and have that relationship codified via an agreement or retainer. 


Question 6: County Attorney

Does the Garfield County Attorney assist the GCPLD? How closely would our firm work with the Garfield County Attorney? 

Answer: The Garfield County Attorney does not assist GCPLD. There would be no work with the Garfield County Attorney. We are not a county department; we are a special district.