Your Opinions Can Help Shape the Future of Your Libraries

Next year will mark the 80th anniversary of the first Garfield County Library. What began as a single library in New Castle serving the entire county and all school districts has become a special Library District featuring a library in each of the six incorporated towns in Garfield County. For this 80th anniversary milestone, the Garfield County Libraries are looking to continue our rich history with a strategic plan for the future that supports the goals and aspirations of the community members who live, work, and play alongside us.

In the first phase of this strategic planning process, a team from the Garfield County Libraries invited representatives from partners and community organizations county-wide to an intensive in-person session. Representatives were asked an array of questions about their community and libraries. The session was a positive conversation where many community leaders had a chance to discuss the strengths and opportunities for this beautiful region we call home.

The second phase of the strategic planning process features an anonymous online survey. The survey, which launched Monday on the libraries’ website, asks six questions about the community and our libraries. The survey is available in both English and Spanish and should take roughly six minutes to complete. Please help us by taking the survey because we want your opinion – whether you are an avid library user or have never before visited.

The strategic planning survey will remain open through December 3. Six minutes is a small amount of time, but for your Garfield County Libraries it will make an enormous impact.

Survey in English    |    Encuesta en Español



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