Blackout in Concert

Join us for a rocking time with Blackout.

Blackout is a band comprised of 5th graders Hayden Bailey, Jack Smith, Keller Tudge, Conrad McHugh, Bode Zubrod, and Andrew Gish. Some of them have been friends since they were in preschool together at Wildwood, and they started making music together in January of 2021 when they joined the Roaring Fork Rock & Roll Academy. They are bound by similar interests, including skiing, Minecraft, music, and a strong connection to 80's rock, specifically their favorite band AC/DC. 

Hayden Bailey ~ keyboard, drums, vocals
Jack Smith ~ guitar, vocals
Keller Tudge ~ guitar, vocals
Conrad McHugh ~ drums
Bode Zubrod ~ guitar, vocals
Andrew Gish ~ bass

We'll host two free concerts:
Friday • September 23 • 6 pm • New Castle Branch Library
Saturday • September 24 • 6 pm • Silt Branch Library




Friday, September 23
6:00 pm