A Message from Our New Executive Director

Greetings, everyone!

I am so pleased to be the new Executive Director of Garfield County Libraries. Although I’m just completing my first month on the job, I’m already tremendously impressed with the services we provide in our libraries and the knowledge, dedication, and warmth of our library staff.

My wife and I are both librarians, and we met at a Spanish-language book fair in Guadalajara, Mexico. This wonderful profession has allowed me to work for libraries such as New York Public Library and live in places such as Florida, Oregon, and the wine country in California! I also lived in Denver and worked for Jefferson County Public Library for thirteen years.

I am thrilled to be back in Colorado. My family is looking forward to hiking, kayaking, and day-tripping around this beautiful state. You’re very likely to see my five-year-old son, Wade, using our libraries with my wife, Marjorie.

Over the next few weeks I’ll focus on getting to know you, the residents of our county. When you see me in your local library, please say “hello.”

Additionally, I’ll focus on maintaining and enhancing our libraries' programs and services and ensuring that the Library District is financially healthy and sustainable now and into the future. I want to thank the voters of Garfield County for passing Measure 6A, which will fund additional books and materials for our libraries at no additional cost to our residents.

Thank you for loving libraries and happy holidays!


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