Libraries are Key to Education

In a recent poll, eighty-seven percent of local residents said that libraries are "critical safe places and learning environments for our children." We couldn't agree more.

Our libraries provide engaging books and storytimes to captivate the youngest of children. We help develop pre-reading skills that set children up for success in school.

Once in school, children return to the libraries to find information for book reports as well as books that aren't part of a curriculum - ones they get to pick out themselves and nurture their love of reading.Father and Daughters Reading

Our annual Summer Reading Program keeps children and teens reading between school years. This fun, yet valuable program helps these young minds retain literacy skills and avoid the "summer slump" where students can lose ground academically if they don't read during the summer.

Our libraries offer high-quality databases filled with vetted, reliable information and interactive learning modules for higher-level learners.

Those who require proctoring to take tests remotely (for college courses, career acceptance, etc) can utilize the services at the libraries.

Computers and access to the internet are available for all ages. This means children and teens (who may or may not have a computer or reliable internet access at home) can work on their homework at any of our locations.

Your Garfield County Libraries are committed to supporting education at all levels. If you have questions about any of our resources or need assistance utilizing these services please contact your local library.


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