Ice Cream Social 80th Anniversary Birthday Party and Ice...

Join us for cake and ice cream as we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of our Garfield County Libraries! Everyone is welcome to attend the party that is most convenient for them during the week:

Libraries Leverage Grant Opportunity to...

The Garfield County Libraries were recently awarded a grant from the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District to purchase charging carts and sixty new Chromebook laptop computers. This award... READ MORE

Fine forgiveness during the month of February at the Garfield County Libraries Food for Fines

Your Garfield County Libraries are excited to bring back the popular Food for Fines program. According to Feeding America, around one in ten people in Garfield County experience food insecurity on... READ MORE

5 ways you can support your libraries now 5 ways you can support your libraries...

Think of the libraries whenever you shop

Through programs like AmazonSmile, Better World Books, and City Market Rewards, a portion of the profit from your purchases will go back to the... READ MORE