Teens and Machines: Virtual Fairy Tale Challenge

Virtual Fairy Tale Challenge

Fairies in the Cogwork with STEMpunkED
Explore a brief history of the fairy tale before delving into one of the Victorian era's most famous tales of mystery, fantasy, and adventure. Once we’ve had our fill of the fantastic, we’ll settle into identifying one of the fairy tale’s main challenge and then design and build a contraption using the 6 Simple Machines to engineer a happy (or not so happy) ending using the power of STEM and a collection of recycling items from home.

Here's what you need to take this class:
1. Email events@gcpld.org before class to get the "The Fairy Tale Challenge & Contraption Design Sheet."

2. Tools:
Hot glue guns and glue sticks
Scissors, tape, glue (Quick Dry Tacky Glue is best), ruler, pencils, markers, crayons, and string
Craft sticks, bamboo skewers, toothpicks, straws, rubber bands, and pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks

3. Stuff from your home recycling bin:
Cardboard, both flat (ex. cereal, snack, and cracker boxes) and corrugated (ex. shipping boxes)
Cardboard tubes (ex. paper towel and toilet paper rolls, as well as tubular food packaging)
Styrofoam (ex. egg cartons and disposable plates)
Variety of containers and bottles with caps/lids (ex. yogurt, soda, peanut butter, condiments, canned vegetables/fruit, etc.)
ANY other material from your home recycling that looks interesting to you!

The challenge will be held on Wednesday, November 18 from 4:30 to 6 pm
Join this virtual class at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88002847682
Meeting ID: 880 0284 7682


Build Your Own Machine Kits

Pick up a free Teens & Machines build your own machine kit at any of the Garfield County Libraries on these Wednesdays (first come first served):

November 25 • Catapult

December 2 • Clock

December 9 • Helicopter



Wednesday, November 18
4:30 pm