Teen Escape Room: Alien Invasion

Each of the Garfield County Libraries is hosting a free escape room for teens as part of the Summer Reading events series. All are free, but registration is required. Call or visit the specific library to register.



A message from aliens has been intercepted. Is it friendly or hostile? Can you decode the message in time to avoid interstellar war?
Tuesday, June 18 • 11 am to 5 pm • New Castle Branch Library



You have 35 minutes to stop deranged supervillian, Landslide, from adding the final rock to his interplanetary beam, known as "the Petrifier." You must identify Landslid's final target and its location to block his collection of this very important rock! If "the Petrifier" is completed, all of humanity will be turned to stone. Hurry! The clock is ticking...
Tuesday, June 11 • 2 to 5 pm • Parachute Branch Library
Wednesday, June 26 • 12 to 4 pm • Carbondale Branch Library



You’re on board a passenger ship to Mars, and you didn’t expect to be attacked by space pirates during your journey. Now you’re locked in the cargo hold and the blast doors won’t open. Any moment you and your fellow passengers could be ejected into the cold heart of space. What will you do to ESCAPE? 
Tuesday, June 18 • 11 am to 5 pm • Rifle Branch Library
Wednesday, June 19 • 3 to 5 pm • Glenwood Springs Branch Library



Oh no!  While BB-8 was on a secret mission for the Resistance, the First Order found and abducted him.  Luckily, he  was able to send a distress signal the moment he was captured. The Resistance has been able to locate him in a small Coruscant junkyard. However, the rescue mission will not be easy.  The First Order has set up 6 tricky codes that you will need to solve in order to unlock poor, BB-8.
Thursday, June 20 • 11 am to 6 pm • Silt Branch Library



Tuesday, June 18
11:00 am