Me Museum: Exploring Personal Identity

Just as museums curate collections of an artist’s work, your child can create a collection about themselves as a way to explore and express their identity. Brainstorm all the kinds of collections you might see at a museum (paintings, ceramics, photographs, fashion, etc). Then ask your child what kinds of items they want to include in a museum about themselves and have them gather and display what represents them. 

Create short descriptions for each item, like those you see in a museum and place them with each piece. Then, help your child display their collection either in a physical space and in an online gallery with photographs of each piece. Once the exhibit “is up”, you can invite others to visit virtually. You can suggest your child act as a docent/guide taking everyone on a virtual tour of their Me Museum. A variation could be a mini-museum using a shoebox. Place items outside the box for how others see you and items inside the box for how you see yourself.   

Discussion Prompts:  

What aspects of my identity are most important to me right now? 

What aspects of my identity are clear to everyone and what are less known?  

Are there any differences between how I see myself and how others see me?  How so? 

Think of someone you know that is different from you. What would be in their Me Museum?

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