Introduction to Bird Photography

Join us for digital photography tips and techniques focused on photography of birds. Matt Shetzer, a local Carbondale professional photographer who travels the world hosting workshops, will share years of experience to help you create your perfect digital image. Discussions will assist you in understanding your digital camera and its many features to enable you to get those beautiful shots.

You will gain a better understanding of the various “tools of the trade” including:
Image composition techniques to improve your photography and highlight your subject in the best possible manner and improve your storytelling
Autofocus settings and how to photograph birds in flight
Camera modes – Aperture, Shutter, Manual verses Auto, which is best to use and when?
Gear that assists in photographing fast moving subjects
Techniques to achieve tack sharp images
Using your cameras histogram and other digital tools to achieve perfect exposure

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If your goal is to improve your bird photography, wildlife photography, or you are just getting started photographing our feathered friends, this free seminar is for you!


Wednesday, August 23
5:30 pm