Denver Zoo

Explore the unique and shared needs for survival of animals from several different continents!

Join Denver Zoo staff and live animal ambassadors on a whirlwind expedition around the world to conquer your fears and pique your interests about the slithering, scuttling, climbing, and flying animal wonders with whom we share our planet. You may even get a hands-on experience, where you personally meet and touch one of our animal stars! All ages are welcome to hop aboard our shared journey for this second event of the children's Summer Reading Program.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event that is most convenient for them during the week:

Tuesday - 11:30 am in Carbondale, 2:30 pm in Glenwood Springs

Wednesday - 11:30 am in Silt, 2:30 pm in New Castle

Thursday - 11:30 am in Rifle, 2:30 pm in Parachute


Tuesday, June 19
11:30 am