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Garfield County Libraries will have measure 6A for a mill levy increase on the November ballot. Learn more about it below, as well as how to give your feedback.Take Our Survey


An Important Community Resource

We're proud that our Garfield County Libraries provides books, internet access, and other services for over 424,000 visitors each year. We provide valuable educational classes to help children, adults, and seniors succeed in school and life. Our libraries create healthy communities by supporting residents learning English, transitioning to new lines of work, and struggling with poverty. In a world where social media can isolate us from each other, our local libraries are one of the few important community centers left that connect us and benefit the entire community.


Maintaining Books, Services, Hours

In the past few years, Garfield County Libraries has faced significant funding challenges. This has resulted in the layoff of qualified staff, reduced hours, cuts to the books and magazines budget, and fewer educational classes and events for children. Three years ago, our libraries were open Sundays, mornings, and evenings. Budget cuts have meant that every library is closed on Sunday, with reduced morning and evening hours. Without new funding, our local libraries face additional cuts in hours and services.


Locally-Controlled Funding to Support Our Local Libraries

In order to provide a stable source of locally-controlled funding, Garfield County Libraries have measure 6A for a 1.5 mill levy increase on the November 2019 ballot. Funds from the measure could raise $4 million annually to:

•Retain the qualified staff that help keep our libraries open and running
•Maintain access to educational classes and events for children, including early literacy and homework help
•Provide senior classes and events to help fight isolation and prevent the effects of aging
•Keep library building safe and well-maintained
•Purchase more books, including large-print for seniors, Spanish-language, and kids and teen titles
•Restore hours to help provide safe spaces for children and teens after school, on weekends, and during summer
•Improve technology to provide access to computers and Internet for those who don't have it at home

Fiscal Accountability

This library measure will have strict accountability provisions, including required annual independent financial audits, a citizens' oversight committee, and public review of expenditures to ensure that funds are spent efficiently, effectively, and as promised.

Learn More

We value your input on the process. Please contact Brett Lear, Executive Director of Garfield County Libraries at for any questions or to provide feedback.

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